Amazon #1 Best Seller  Business and Management Technology history A category I wasn't expecting, but I'll take it!!! Hope that college students will have the opportunity to read this book, up to college professors and their attention to detail and knowledge.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, history of the personal computer.

As they say, "Houston, we have a problem!"

I had a recent discussion regarding the history of personal computers with the son of a friend of mine, who had just finished his first year of college majoring in computer science. My question, "What can you tell me about the history of the personal computer? His answer was "They were bigger?" The 40-year history of the personal computer is not only amazing but should be understood by all students of computer science. I hope current day educators join my endeavor, our future depends on it!

Join my endeavor!

Chuck - autobiography of the personal computer Follow the career of a computer programmer from 1982 through 2018, who experienced PC technology from the beginning. Fast-paced growth, networking, the Internet, bandwidth and data as seen through the eyes of a coder. To-the-point history, illustrations, and reference links tell a story that all students of computer science should know. Required reading and extra credit material that will make your students better IT professionals. My Mission Statement It is my “End of Career” goal to tell my story to the next generation of IT professionals. Knowledge of the history of PC technology, and the experiences of the individuals who wrote the wave, is essential as they develop our technology of the future.  The multimedia presentation through the interface is absolutely amazing compared to an E-book read. The service allows authors to build multimedia presentations with ease and gets their materials to their readers